Wastewater Treatment Facility Assessments

Complex Air Quality Assessments Involving Multiple Exposures

Wastewater Treatment Facilities are fairly unique in terms of occupational exposures. From endotoxin and microbial exposures, to hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, methane, ultraviolet radiation and handling of process chemicals, properly evaluating the air quality and employee exposures within these types of facilities is best conducted by a consultant with specialized experience in the wastewater industry.

We have performed large-scale assessments of multiple wastewater treatment facilities in the past, and bring our experience, extensive knowledge of the hazards in this industry, and our unique and proprietary process of performing indoor air quality assessments to each project. Our process is advanced and unique, and involves specific approaches to risk and hazard communication, work practice evaluation, process evaluation, sampling and data collection, and employee involvement.

Our assessments constitute a full and proper air quality hazard assessment, and include meaningful and practical recommendations to any identified deficiencies. In many of our past projects, our clients experienced a positive impact on their organizational and safety culture as a result of our specific assessment process and communication strategy. A full assessment typically involves evaluation of, and provision of recommendations for any deficiencies found in the areas of:

  • Airborne Contaminant Exposures
  • Treatment Processes
  • Work Procedures and Work Practices
  • Equipment Function and Operation
  • Ventilation
  • Company Policies in Relation to Facility Operation.

Utilizing a company that specializes in this type of work (we are one of the few in the world), ensures that the air quality assessment is thorough, and that hazards can be controlled or eliminated once identified. There is tremendous value in protecting employee health, ensuring regulatory compliance, and ensuring the safety of operating processes. (With newly commissioned facilities, there is also the added benefit of potentially identifying process and equipment deficiencies while still within the warranty period.) Give us a call to discuss your project, or if you would like more information on our assessment process.