Project Profile 1 – Multi-Phase LEED Project Targeting LEED Platinum

A high profile green building construction project was targeting LEED Platinum, with the project team deciding to pursue air testing in lieu of flushout to obtain LEED EQ Credit 3.2 for the project. One of the key challenges of this project, is that was to be completed in a number of separate phases that were to be occupied over an extended timeline. As platinum status was unlikely to be achieved for this project unless the IAQ testing credit was achieved, we were chosen not only to conduct the air testing, but to provide ongoing advice on how to prepare for the testing dates and ensure the maximum chance of success in achieving this LEED Credit.
We were asked to assist and took the following actions:

  • Visited the site and reviewed the construction schedule in order to identify any potential indoor air quality issues that may affect achievement of  the LEED Standard for air quality.
  •  Advised the Client on how to deal with identified issues, and how to adequately prepare for each phase of the testing to ensure the best chances of success.
  • Advised the Client on the specific LEED requirements for IAQ testing to ensure that all aspects of the IAQ credit were complied with.
  • Performed several sets of screening measurements prior to the formal testing dates to assess the chances of success in passing the IAQ tests, and to ward off any potential issues.
  • Identified and recommended solutions for a number of identified issues that were likely to prevent achievement of the IAQ testing credit.

The IAQ testing was successful and the Client not only achieved the IAQ testing credit, but was successful in achieving LEED Platinum Certification for their project. Despite complicated and challenging circumstances, the Client was able to achieve the objective of obtaining Platinum level LEED Certification for their project, and ensure that employees were occupying a building that had been adequately screened for indoor air quality issues.