New Construction Pre-Occupancy IAQ Testing

Define and deal with key IAQ issues before they affect the health of occupants, and the reputation of your building

Occupancy of a new building is a critical time in terms of air quality.  With all that is involved in completing construction and delivering a building on time, indoor air quality is often the last consideration when a new building is opened to occupants.   At the same time, building material-related contaminants are at their highest levels in the air when a building is newest, with off-gassing from new furniture also commonly contributing to diminished air quality.   

This is also the most common time for air quality complaints to be received, which can affect the reputation of the building long-term.  Buildings can get bad reputations too, and history has shown that once a building is labeled as having poor indoor air quality, this perception is very difficult to change.

Our new construction pre-occupancy IAQ testing service includes testing for the full scope of parameters that is included in testing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects, and covers all basic air quality parameters that are known to have the potential to affect occupants of new buildings.  

This type of testing allows for the identification of potentially problematic exposures prior to people entering the building, allows the opportunity to correct any identified deficiencies, and serves as ideal ‘baseline’ air quality data in the event of future air quality concerns.  

There is an excellent return on investment for pre-occupancy testing, and performance of this service is typically very well received when results are shared with building occupants and tenants.  Air quality is not guaranteed to be achieved by design and planning alone, and unless you test the IAQ performance of your new building, you have missed an important component of good building commissioning.