LEED Indoor Air Quality Testing

Helping Clients Achieve the Credit for Their Green Building Project

It’s very difficult to condense all that we know about LEED indoor air quality testing into a few short paragraphs. This has been one of our core specialty areas since 2009, and we have performed testing on projects across Canada representing tens of millions of square feet of floor space in that time.

With a success rate of over 90% in helping our clients achieving the IAQ testing credit (far higher than industry standard), we are one of the few companies in North America who specialize in and fully understand how to be successful with this type of testing. We are highly capable of advising our clients on how best to ensure achievement of the credit, and even more importantly, what things to avoid when pursuing the air testing option.

We have a strong reputation in the green building industry throughout Canada for our high level of technical competency, our intimate understanding of LEED guidelines pertaining to IAQ testing, our ability to manage large and complex projects, and our high success rate in helping clients achieve successful air quality test results for their projects.

Whether you are a Contractor, Architect, LEED Consultant, Building Owner, Project Manager or Mechanical Contractor, if you have an interest in LEED Indoor Air Quality testing on one of your projects, or have performed IAQ testing unsuccessfully on projects in the past, we can help.