About Teritt

Making a Difference for Building Occupants

We understand and value the role we have in helping to create a positive impact on the health of building occupants. From industrial environments where high levels of known contaminants are common, to office environments where low levels of often unknown contaminants are the focus, we have been involved in helping to assess and improve air quality in a variety of work environments for nearly two decades.

A Word on Ethical Business Practice

What is our day-to-day business practice based on? We are all about providing a high quality of consulting services in an ethical manner. Here is what ethical business practice means to us:

  •  Providing honest advice to our Clients and reporting on all findings, good or bad.
  •  Not selling any products or engaging in any partnerships that would put us in a position of conflict of interest or potentially bias our advice.
  • Disclosing any situations where a conflict of interest could be perceived.
  • Not getting involved in IAQ investigations where we don’t feel the Client has the health and welfare of building occupants as a main priority.
  • Discouraging prospective Clients from conducting sampling or performing work that is unlikely to solve their IAQ issues.
  • Not undertaking work that we are not competent to perform.

The better we perform for our Clients, the happier they are with the outcome of each project. Having Clients that believe in the quality of our work and trust us is tremendously fulfilling, highly motivating, and is a key driving force in our ongoing success.